COVID-19 Test Donation Program

Exact Sciences has established a COVID-19 test donation program for Wisconsin- based nonprofit organizations meeting the specific criteria outlined below. If your organization meets the below criteria and would benefit from donated COVID-19 tests, please complete the PDF request form and return it to Requests can be submitted at any time.
Please submit any questions to
Organizational Eligibility Criteria (must meet all of the following conditions):
  • Non-profit organization
  • Proven history/mission for community support and advocacy
  • Located in the state of Wisconsin
  • Tests can only be used according to their intended use
Organizational Subtypes (must serve one or both of the following functions):
  1. Educational Support – organizations providing any form of support to education, both public and private. This can include instruction, transportation, school-based medical care, after school care, meal service, resource delivery, counseling, extra-curricular activities, and administration. Tests can be utilized by students, staff, and volunteers.

    Organizations facilitating all levels of education can apply, from early childhood through adult education. Eligible organizations must have a primary function to serve education and not simply include an educational component (e.g. host field trips).

    The following organizations are not eligible for this program:
    • Official state and/or federal educational institutions
    • Post-secondary or other collegiate level educational organizations
  2. Community Centers & Public Libraries (community support) – organizations providing local community support services focused on under-represented, under-supported, and vulnerable communities. These organizations can stock the collection kits at their locations, distribute them to individuals or families with a need, or utilize them to support a specific community effort or program.

Our state of the art contact center can assist you and answer your questions.