Quality Assurance Policy

The leadership of Exact Sciences Laboratories (ES Lab) are committed to continuous improvement as a way of doing business and promoting an organizational culture that expects all the laboratory members to be active participants.

Our comprehensive Quality Management Plan is based on the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) and GP26-A4 consensus standards.

The Quality Management Plan allows us to deliver consistent, cost-effective and superior service to our clients. The plan is composed of the 12 Quality System Elements (QSEs) listed below. These allow us to meet and exceed the requirements of regulatory/accreditation agencies and facilitates service satisfaction for our customers.

The QSEs used in our Quality Management Plan are:

  1. Organization and Leadership
  2. Customer-focused Service and Satisfaction
  3. Facilities and Safety
  4. Personnel
  5. Purchasing and Inventory
  6. Equipment
  7. Process Management
  8. Documents and Records
  9. Information Management
  10. Non-conforming Event Management
  11. Assessments and Monitoring
  12. Continual Improvement


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